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When you first enter the Children's Animal Farm you will notice the 2 large red main barns and the rabbit pen located just in front of them.
The rabbit pen is home to many of the Farm's rabbits during the warm seasons.
The barn on the left as you enter is home to animal pens that hold Sheep, Goats and other animals. On the top level of this barn is where the hay is stored that is used to feed many of the animals.
The barn on the right as you enter has many uses as well. In this barn is a incubator which helps eggs to hatch. Also in this barn are Guinea Pigs, Pigeons, Doves, Rabbits and a few other animals.
Below are a few picture of the different barns and what you can find inside of them.

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The 2 Main Barns and the Rabbit Pen

The Left Barn - Home to the Animal Pens

The Animal Pens

The Incubator in the Right side Barn
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