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Pavilion Pathway Project

Over the years the Children's Animal Farm with the help of the Seaway Kiwanis has put together a beautiful front entrance to the farm. The four main features in this area are Bill Bush Gardens, the Waterwheel, an Ornamental Waterfall and T. Earl Kett Bridge.

Bill Bush dedicated 35 years to the Children's Animal Farm in Canatara Park. In honour of his years of service the Seaway Kiwanis dedicated a large stretch of flowers and trees at the entrance of the farm. The following are pictures of Bill Bush Gardens.

 Bill Bush Gardens

Bill Bush Gardens

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The Seaway Kiwanis provided the Animal Farm with a Waterwheel in 1999. This waterwheel was put in place to keep the stream surrounding the farm crystal clean. It is 10 feet in diameter and has 18 scoops along its rim that sweeps the water along. The following is a picture of the waterwheel.

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The T. Earl Kett Bridge was dedicated by the Seaway Kiwanis Club to the memory of T. Earl Kett on January 14, 1992. This was in honour of over 30 years of service to the Seaway Kiwanis and his favourite project, the Children's Animal Farm. The following is a picture of the T. Earl Kett Bridge.
T. Earl Kett Bridge

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In May of 1996 the Seaway Kiwanis completed the task of building an Ornamental Waterfall at the Farm's entrance. Landscaping and stonework gives the Waterfall a pleasing look, but it also helps purify the water in the stream around the farm. The following is a picture of the Waterfall.

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